Teletalk SIM Price (Updated)

Teletalk SIM Price Updated information is here. Are you in search of an affordable and versatile mobile service provider in Bangladesh?

Look no further than Teletalk SIM, offering a wide range of packages tailored to your needs. Let’s dive into the details of these exciting offers.

Teletalk SIM Price

Teletalk SIM has gained popularity for its attractive voice call and SMS rates. Many users are drawn to this 4G SIM due to its cost-effectiveness. You can find Teletalk SIMs at various operator shops.

Teletalk SIM Price

The standard price for a Teletalk SIM is 150 TK, but in some places, you might find it at discounted rates, ranging from TK 100 to TK 150.

Additionally, when you purchase the SIM, you’ll receive complimentary minutes, SMS, and MB, and your registration is free.

Teletalk All Types SIM Price

Teletalk currently offers five distinct packages: Bornomala, Aparajita, Sagotom, Agami, and Sotoborsho. Each package comes with its own internet and minute call offers, catering to different needs.

If you’re interested in a particular package, you can easily subscribe to it if you meet the package’s conditions. Simply pay the specified price for your chosen package and enjoy the benefits it offers.

Teletalk Bornomala SIM Price

The Teletalk Bornomala SIM is priced at 100 TK. However, there’s a condition—you must have successfully passed your SSC (Secondary School Certificate) exams.

To apply for a Teletalk Bornomala SIM, you’ll need to submit your mark sheet along with an appreciation letter and other required documents.

While the Bornomala package may offer slightly fewer benefits compared to Teletalk’s other packages, it still outshines many other services in terms of its features and offerings.

Teletalk Aparajita SIM Price

The Teletalk Aparajita SIM is also priced at 100 TK but is exclusively designed for women.

To acquire this SIM, the registration must be done by a female customer, preferably an aspiring artist. Teletalk Aparajita SIM offers various benefits, including internet offers and call rates.

Teletalk Agami SIM Price

Teletalk Agami SIM is unique—it’s completely free. However, there’s a catch; you need to have achieved an A+ in your SSC exams to qualify for this free SIM.

The Agami package boasts attractive internet offers and low-minute call rates compared to other Teletalk SIMs.

Teletalk Sagotom SIM Price

The Teletalk Sagotom SIM is available for 150 TK.

While this package may not offer all the benefits of the Sagotom and Bornomala SIMs, it still provides valuable services. You’ll enjoy various benefits, albeit at a slightly higher price.

Teletalk Sotoborsho SIM Price

Teletalk offers the Sotoborsho SIM as part of the Mujib Centenary Commemoration. The price for this Teletalk Sotoborsho package is 100 TK.

After a 100 TK recharge, you’ll receive the Teletalk Sotoborsho SIM. This package includes special offers, including 100 GB of internet.

Teletalk All SIM Prices at a Glance

All the Teletalk SIM Prices are given all the table below for your convenience.

SIM TypePrice
Bornomala100 TK
Aparajita100 TK
AgamiFree (Must Have A+ in SSC Exam)
Sagotom150 TK
Sotoborsho100 TK

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Teletalk SIM Facilities

Teletalk aims to serve the people with the lowest call rates and attractive internet offers. It also facilitates mobile money transfers at a minimal cost.

You can use Teletalk SIM for public examination result re-verification and mobile admission applications, which are exclusive features not available with other SIMs.

Where to Get Teletalk SIM?

Obtaining a Teletalk SIM is easy due to its government service status. Teletalk SIMs are available at sales centers in all districts of Bangladesh.

Customer care outlets and local SIM shops also distribute Teletalk SIMs. Occasionally, you might find Teletalk SIMs being offered through public promotions.

FAQs About Teletalk SIM Price

Here are some FAQs about Teletalk SIM Price.

What is Teletalk?

Teletalk is a government-owned telecommunications operator in Bangladesh, providing mobile services, including voice calls, SMS, and internet access, to the people.

What Teletalk SIM packages are available?

Teletalk offers various SIM packages, including Bornomala, Aparajita, Sagotom, Agami, and Sotoborsho. Each package has its own features, benefits, and eligibility criteria.

How do I obtain a Teletalk SIM card?

Teletalk SIM cards can be obtained from Teletalk sales centers, customer care outlets, SIM shops, and sometimes through public promotions.

What are the eligibility criteria for the Teletalk Bornomala SIM?

To obtain a Bornomala SIM, you generally need to have passed your SSC (Secondary School Certificate) examination and provide relevant documents such as your mark sheet and an appreciation letter.

Is Teletalk SIM more affordable than other operators in Bangladesh?

Teletalk is known for offering competitive call rates and internet packages, making it more affordable for certain users, depending on their usage patterns and package selection.

Final Thoughts

Teletalk SIM stands out as an attractive option with its diverse range of packages.

From the budget-friendly Bornomala SIM, requiring SSC exam success, to the versatile Sagotom SIM at a reasonable price, Teletalk strives to provide cost-effective solutions for voice calls and SMS, alongside various internet offers.

Teletalk SIM Price (Updated)

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