Zoo In Dubai Jumeirah: Ticket, Timing, Attractions & Location in 2024

Zoo In Dubai Jumeirah, once a beloved landmark in the city, was a popular destination for both residents and tourists.

Over the years, it grew to house a diverse array of animals, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. 

Dubai Jumeirah Zoo

Dubai Jumeirah Zoo, originally located in Jumeirah, Dubai, was a beloved landmark in the city for many years.

Established in 1967 by Otto J. Bulart with the permission of Sheikh Rashid bin Maktoum, the zoo initially spanned 2 hectares (4.9 acres) and quickly became a popular attraction.

Zoo In Dubai Jumeirah

Over the years, the zoo expanded and evolved, eventually housing a diverse array of animals and attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors annually.

Although the zoo has been closed since November 2017, with its animals relocated to the more modern Dubai Safari Park, it remains a significant part of Dubai’s history.

Attractions of Jumeirah Zoo

Jumeirah Zoo was home to a wide variety of animals, making it a fascinating place for visitors. Here are some of the main attractions that once made Jumeirah Zoo a must-visit destination:


The zoo housed around 248 mammal specimens, including foxes, hyenas, pumas, Asiatic lions, jaguars, chimpanzees, baboons, monkeys, deer, bears, porcupines, giraffes, hippos, and Barbary sheep.

The zoo was notable for breeding rare species like the Arabian or Gordon’s wildcat.


The avian section included a variety of birds such as ostriches, golden eagles, and parrots. The Socotra shag or cormorant was among the endangered species housed here.


With approximately 400 reptile specimens, the zoo had a significant collection of snakes, lizards, and other reptiles.

Endangered Species

Jumeirah Zoo played a crucial role in the conservation of endangered species, including the Bengal tiger, gorilla, Arabian wolf, and Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica).

Jumeirah Zoo Timing in Dubai

The zoo’s opening hours varied between summer and winter:

  • Summer (April to September): 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Winter (October to March): 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM

These timings allowed visitors to explore the zoo during the cooler parts of the day, especially during the intense heat of the Dubai summer.

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Jumeirah Zoo Off Day

During its operational years, Jumeirah Zoo in Dubai did not have a fixed weekly off day and was generally open to the public every day of the week.

However, like many public attractions, it was occasionally closed for specific reasons such as public holidays, maintenance, or special events.

These closures were typically announced in advance to inform visitors and minimize inconvenience.

Jumeirah Zoo Ticket Price

The ticket prices for the Jumeirah Zoo were affordable, making it accessible for families and tourists alike.

While the exact historical prices are not documented in detail, zoo entry fees were generally kept low to encourage more visitors.

Jumeirah Zoo Location

Jumeirah Zoo was located in the heart of the Jumeirah district in Dubai, which is known for its beautiful beaches and luxurious residences. The exact address was:

Jumeirah Zoo, Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The central location made visiting the zoo easy for residents and tourists.

How to Go to Jumeirah Zoo in Dubai?

Getting to Jumeirah Zoo was convenient due to its central location. Here are a few ways you could have reached the zoo:

  • By Car: Visitors could drive to the zoo, with ample parking available nearby.
  • By Taxi: Taxis were a popular mode of transport for visitors, providing a comfortable and direct route to the zoo.
  • By Public Transport: Buses and metro services were available, with several routes passing close to the zoo. The closest metro station was typically a short taxi ride away.

FAQs About Zoo In Dubai Jumeirah

Follow the frequently asked questions and answers about Zoo In Dubai Jumeirah for additional information.

What was the best time to visit the Jumeirah Zoo?

The cooler months from October to March were the best time to visit. Early mornings or late afternoons were ideal for seeing the animals active.

Was there parking available at the zoo?

Yes, there was a parking area available for visitors’ vehicles.

Final Words

Zoo In Dubai Jumeirah, once a cherished landmark in Dubai, played a significant role in the city’s cultural and recreational landscape.

Despite facing challenges such as criticism over animal welfare, the zoo was a place of learning and enjoyment for many.

Its closure and the relocation of animals to the modern Dubai Safari Park mark a new chapter in wildlife conservation and tourism in Dubai.

The memories of Jumeirah Zoo continue to be cherished by those who visited, and its legacy lives on through the continued efforts to provide better habitats for animals in Dubai.

Zoo In Dubai Jumeirah: Ticket, Timing, Attractions & Location in 2024

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