Palli Bidyut Meter Application 2024: BREB Online Connection System

Palli Bidyut Meter Application can be done very easily. An online application form is required to fill up to apply for the Palli Bidyut meter.

After filling out the application form, a fee of Tk 115 has to be paid to complete the application.

After completing the application, the designated official from Palli Bidyut Samiti will visit the meter connection site and verify all the documents.

After that, if everything is fine then Palli will provide an electricity meter connection within the specified time.

Palli Bidyut New Meter Application

How much trouble we have to go through to get a Palli Bidyut meter, how many people we have to catch, how much we have to do, we have to be cheated, how much money goes away!

Once the application is done inspector from Palli Bidyut will come and inspect everything including your premises and once everything is inspected your application will be accepted.

Also, you will get a meter within a few days. Let us know how to apply for Palli Bidyut meter without wasting any more time. So, let’s learn quickly about the BREB Online Connection System.

Requirements of BREB Online Meter Application

There are several things you may need as documents to apply for the Palli Bidyut new meter. They are mentioned below in point form-

  • Applicant’s name and mobile number
  • Applicant’s photograph and national identity card
  • Address details
  • Khatian as information on land ownership
  • External number and account number of any neighboring person receiving service from the transformer from which you connect
  • Distance of your house from the electric pole (in feet)

For now, only these documents will complete your application for the Palli Bidyut meter.

BREB Online Meter Application Process

Now let’s get to know step by step how you can apply for a Palli Bidyut meter online. For this be sure to follow every step given below very well.

বাংলায় পড়ুন

Palli Bidyut Meter Application

  • If you visit here, a page will appear in front of you. From here you will find several menus above.
  • Go to the ‘New Application’ option from the Application option from the menu.
  • Clicking here will bring you an application form.

BREB Online Connection System

  • You have to fill this application form very well with correct information.
  • One thing to note here is that the options which are marked in red on the right side, you must fill these options. And those that are not marked with red marks will continue to be left unfilled.
  • From here first, there is the ‘Name of the Samiti’, under which Samiti you want to get your Palli Bidyut meter you have to select the Samiti here.
  • It should be selected according to your area. If you find it difficult to understand, ask any electricity consumer in your neighborhood to find out from which association they have received it.
  • Then there is the ‘Zonal Office’. You can also learn this from them.
  • Then below you will see connection options. Select ‘LTA Residential’ as the connection tariff here if you want to take it to your home. In cases other than houses, the option has to be selected on a case-by-case basis.
  • Then move to the applicant details section. Here write the applicant’s name very well in Bengali.
  • Then enter the father’s name and mother’s name. Also, write the name of the husband/wife (if Applicable).
  • The ‘Date of Birth’ must be provided in English.
  • Then ‘Bangladeshi’ must be selected as the nationality.
  • Then fill in these options very well like ‘National Identity Card Number’, Mobile Number, Gender.
  • But there are some other options like passport and email- this information is not mandatory. But please provide your phone number.

Palli Bidyut New Meter Application Online

  • Then go to the ‘Permanent Address’ option. Here in the permanent address section, fill in all the information you are asked to provide very well.
  • Then if you want to get your electricity connection at this permanent address, then you will see a box below the permanent address session “Use as address for proposed electricity connection” i.e. if this address is the place of your electricity connection then tick here. By ticking it you don’t need to fill the next section.
  • However, the details of your land such as Mauza, Dag, Khatian, type of land ownership, name of the legal owner of the land, etc. must be filled in the details of the proposed electricity connection.
  • Once these details are filled, move to the Geographic Information section. Here is ‘Distance from Nearest Service Pole’
  • Enter here the distance that fits between your electric pole and your meter connection point. Then ‘Book No. of the adjacent customer under the same transformer’ should be written in English. Enter the account number.
  • After that you will get two more options, it is better if you fill these two, if not there is no problem.
  • Next, move to the ‘Connection Details’ section.

BREB Online Connection System

  • Here you have to specify how many lights, fans, and refrigerators you want to run in your home.
  • Load and total load will be filled automatically for you once this information is specified. Then below will be the total number of loads.
  • Once these are done, finally you need to scan and upload the three documents your photo, National Identity Card, and Dismissal.
  • On the right side of these documents, the sizes to be uploaded are written.
  • Then you will see a text that is ‘I agree to the below-mentioned terms of service of Palli Bidyut Samiti‘ Tick next to this text.
  • Finally put a captcha in the answer box and click on the ‘Save’ button.
  • Once this is done your application will be completed online. Be sure to keep a print copy after applying.
  • You will get a tracking number and a PIN when the application is saved.
  • Write down these two details very well as you will need them later.

Ensure House Waring For Getting Palli Bidyut Meter

After your Palli Bidyut application is done you need to confirm the house wiring at your residence for a new meter connection.

Once the house wiring is confirmed your meter will come on. For this, you must confirm the house wiring in your house and submit it online.

A ground rod purchase memo will be required as proof to confirm house wiring. You have to upload this memo.

  • Go to the BREB Online Connection System to confirm house wiring.
  • There go to the application option from the top menu.
  • From here, go to the ‘Confirm House Wiring’

  • After that, provide the tracking number and PIN that you got after applying Palli Bidyut.

  • So, scan and upload the cash memo of your ground rod providing the tracking number and PIN.
  • Also, enter the home address, fill in the captcha code correctly, and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Then your house wiring will be confirmed.

BREB Online Connection Fee Payment Procedure

After applying for Palli Bidyut meter online you must pay the application fee to confirm the application. Application Fee is 115 Tk. You can pay this fee directly in cash at the electricity office or through your Rocket account.

  • To pay the connection fee through the Rocket account, first dial *322# and follow the below procedure.

BREB Online Connection Fee Payment Procedure

But it is best to go directly to the Palli Bidyut office and pay this fee.

How Long Will It Take to Get the Meter?

It usually takes about 3 months after applying for a Palli Bidyut meter.

However, in many cases, it is seen that after three months, six months after the application of the Palli Bidyut meter, there is still no trace. It will totally depend on the Palli Bidyut Office.

But if you are too late then your task is to take a print copy of the applied online copy and contact the Palli Bidyut office.

In many cases after online application that application can be skipped due to the workload of the Palli Bidyut office. That’s why you should contact them directly.

BREB Online Connection System

If you have settled in a new place and you need a new meter there, you do not need to go directly to the Palli Bidyut meter office to apply for a new meter. You can do this at home.

  • For Palli Bidyut meter you first need to visit the official website of Palli Bidyut and fill an application form.
  • After filling out the application form you have to upload some documents related to your homestead.
  • Also, you have to upload your picture. After that, once the Palli Bidyut application is done you have to pay 115 rupees as a new meter application fee. Then download the application form.
  • This will complete your Palli Bidyut meter application. Rest assured once the meter is applied for.
  • After a certain time, the inspector will come and inspect the land at your place, accept your meter application, and provide an electricity connection within a few days.

BREB Online Meter Application Status Check

After the Palli Bidyut meter application, there is a procedure to check the status of that application, whether it has been accepted or not.

By checking this you will see if your Palli Bidyut meter has been accepted by the electricity office. If so, information on when your meter will arrive is available.

Palli Bidyut Meter Application Online Process

  • Here you can know your application tracking and result with a PIN.

Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board (BREB) Contact Number

In many cases, we do not have the opportunity to visit Palli Bidyut meter offices. In this case, we can get help from the Palli Bidyut meter by calling the contact number sitting at home.

For any help related to Palli Bidyut, you can contact them as per the contact information.

Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board

  • Address: Head Office, Nikunja-2, Khilkhet, Dhaka-1229
  • Telephone: 88-02-8916424-28, 8900331, 8900335
  • Fax: 88-02-8900611
  • Website:

FAQs About BREB Online Connection System

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about Palli Bidyut meter application for additional information.

How many days does it take to get the meter after the Palli Bidyut meter application?

Answer: After applying for a Palli Bidyut meter it may take many days to get the meter. In this case, it will take three weeks to three months.

How much is the Palli Bidyut meter application fee?

Answer: The online initial application fee for the Palli Bidyut meter is Tk 105 which you have to pay through Rocket or Dutch Bangla Banking.

What is the reason for the delay in getting the Palli Bidyut meter?

Answer: There are several reasons for the delay in the Palli Bidyut meter connection.

The first reason is providing wrong information in the application. If you provide wrong information during application then it will be rejected by the electricity office.

Another reason for the delay in getting the Palli Bidyut meter is the non-payment of the application fee.


If the application fee is not paid, it will not be accepted by the Rural Electrification Office. Another reason for the delay in getting the Palli Bidyut meter is the negligence of the electricity office.

If it is too late, you should contact the electricity office directly or speak to them as per the contact information.

If you face any problems while applying, you can let us know through the comment box. We will try to help you. thank you

Palli Bidyut Meter Application 2024: BREB Online Connection System

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