Electric Bill Calculation Bangladesh 2024

Know the details about Electric Bill Calculation Bangladesh. The total amount on your electricity bill is influenced by various components like the Assumed Service Charge, Demand Charge, VAT, Meter Rent, and the total units consumed.

If your electricity usage falls below 75 units, the cost for each unit is set at 3.80 TK.

However, if your consumption exceeds 75 units, the price per unit will increase. It’s important to note that if you fail to settle your electricity bill promptly, a 5% extra fee will be added.

Electric Bill Calculation BD

Ordinarily, we don’t individually tally the operational hours and usage of each appliance, summing them up and then converting them into units for billing.

Electric Bill Calculation Bangladesh

The process, while theoretically sound, doesn’t match the practical way your home’s electricity bill is calculated.

This is because tiered unit charges come into play, altering the final bill. Nonetheless, today we’ll grasp some key concepts.

Here are some essentials to be aware of before delving into Electric Bill Calculation:

  • 1 kilowatt hour (kWh) is equivalent to 1 unit.
  • 1 horsepower (hp) equals 746 watts (W).
  • For single-phase circuits: Power (P) = Voltage (V) × Current (I) × Power Factor (cosφ) in watts.
  • For three-phase circuits: Power (P) = Square root of 3 × Voltage (V) × Current (I) × Power Factor (cosφ) in watts.
  • 1000 watts (W) is equal to 1 kilowatt (kW).
  • ‘H’ represents time in hours.

To calculate units, multiply the power in kilowatts (kW) by the time in hours (H). The result will be the consumption in units. Additionally, remember to factor in the specific month and the number of days within a year.

Used Electricity Loads Calculation BD

Before embarking on electricity bill calculations, it’s important to gauge the load registered by your electricity meter.

This involves summing up your total consumption and then applying the cost per unit to determine your bill. Let’s start by understanding the process of Electric Bill Calculation.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • If the load is provided in watts (W), take its value.
  • If you’re given the values of current and voltage, use the formula to calculate power (P).
  • If the load is expressed in horsepower (hp), multiply it by 746 to convert it to watts (W), for example, 10hp = 10×746 = 7460W.
  • Convert W to kilowatts (kW) by dividing by 1000.
  • Calculate consumption in units by multiplying kW by time (hours).

Let’s illustrate this through an example:

Imagine, a house with 3 lights of 40 W, 2 fans of 80 W, 220V, 0.4A, a television with 0.8 power factor (cosφ), and a water pump motor of 2 hp, running for an average of 6 hours daily. We’ll calculate the electricity bill for January.

Here’s the solution:

  • For 3 lights of 40 watts, daily consumption = 40×3 = 120W
  • For 2 fans of 80 watts, daily consumption = 80×2 = 160W
  • Television’s daily consumption, P = VIcosφ = 220×0.4×0.8 = 70.4W
  • Daily consumption for 2 hp motor = 2×746 = 1492W
  • Total daily consumption = (120W + 160W + 70.4W + 1492W) = 1842.4W.
  • Convert watts (W) to kilowatts (kW): 1842.4/1000 = 1.8424kW
  • Running for an average of 6 hours daily: 1.8424×6 = 11.0544 kWh (unit)
  • For January with 31 days, total units consumed = 11.0544×31 = 342.686 kWh (units).

This detailed process exemplifies how your electricity consumption is converted into units for calculating your bill.

Electricity Bill Price Rate in Bangladesh

Before diving into the intricacies of electricity bill calculations, it’s essential to grasp that unit-based billing isn’t solely determined by the cost per unit.

The billing structure is more nuanced and varies based on usage tiers. Let’s understand in advance what to anticipate.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • For 1 to 75 units: 3.80/kWh
  • For 76 to 200 units: 5.14/kWh
  • For 201 to 300 units: 5.36/kWh
  • For 301 to 400 units: 5.63/kWh
  • For 401 to 600 units: 8.70/kWh
  • For usage exceeding 600 units: 9.98/kWh

The Process of Electric Bill Calculation Bangladesh

Having understood the process of calculating electricity load and its conversion into units, let’s now explore how to calculate the electricity bill.

Utilizing the previously mentioned example, we can systematically compute the electricity bill using the steps outlined below:

Calculate the total consumed units in January as previously determined: 11.0544×31 = 342.686 kWh (units). Now, let’s determine the bill for this month’s electricity consumption.

Based on the unit ranges, break down the consumption:

  • For 1-75 units: 75 units
  • For 76-200 units: 125 units
  • For 201-300 units: 100 units
  • For 301-400 units: 42.686 units

The total units for billing are by the ranges: 75 + 125 + 100 + 42.686 = 342.686 units

Now, compute the bill by applying the rates for each slab:

  • 75 units at Tk 3.80/kWh
  • 125 units at Tk 5.14/kWh
  • 100 units at Tk 5.36/kWh
  • 42.686 units at Tk 5.63/kWh

Total bill amount for units: (75 x 3.80) + (125 x 5.14) + (100 x 5.36) + (42.686 x 5.63) = Tk 1703.82

Supplementary charges: Add minimum charges, service charges, demand charges, VAT, etc.

  • Assume Service Charge = Tk 10
  • Demand Charge = Tk 30
  • VAT = (1703.82 + 10 + 30) x 5.0025% = Tk 87.23
  • Meter Rent = Tk 10

The estimated electricity bill for the month: 1703.82 + 10 + 30 + 87.23 + 10 = Tk 1841.05

In conclusion, this comprehensive process enables us to arrive at an estimated electricity bill for the month, considering the consumption tiers and associated charges.

Penalty For Not Paying Electricity Bill On Time

Individuals utilizing digital electric meters are exempt from incurring penalties for delayed electricity bill payments. However, those with traditional analog electricity meters receive a monthly bill statement, specifying the payment deadline.

Should the electricity bill remain unpaid beyond this stipulated timeframe, a penalty of 5% is imposed.

Consequently, when settling the bill, it becomes imperative to include an additional amount equal to 5% of the original electricity bill.

Electricity Bill Calculator BD

The Electricity Bill Calculator BD serves as a valuable utility for individuals in Bangladesh, aiding them in projecting their forthcoming electricity bill from their service provider.

To calculate the Electricity bill, first install the Electricity Bill Calculator App on your device. You can easily calculate your bill with this app.

Electricity Bill Calculator BD

The Electricity Bill Calculator BD takes into account diverse parameters, including electricity tariff rates, the tally of consumed units, and additional charges.

To know the electricity per unit new price in Bangladesh, please visit – Electricity Bill New Price in 2024

FAQs About Electric Bill Calculation

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers related to Electric Bill Calculation in Bangladesh.

What factors determine my electricity bill?

Ans: Your electricity bill is influenced by factors like the number of units consumed, the tariff rates, and any additional charges such as taxes and fees.

How can I calculate my electricity bill?

Ans: You can calculate your electricity bill by multiplying the number of units consumed by the applicable charge per unit. Remember to consider different rates for various consumption tiers.

What is a kilowatt hour (kWh)?

Ans: A kilowatt hour (kWh) is a unit of energy measurement. It represents the energy consumption of a device that uses 1000 watts of power over one hour.

Are there penalties for late payment of electricity bills?

Ans: Individuals with analog meters might incur a penalty of 5% if the electricity bill is not paid within the specified timeframe. Digital meter users are usually exempt from such penalties.

Why is understanding electricity consumption important?

Ans: Understanding electricity consumption helps you manage expenses effectively by making informed decisions about energy usage and efficiency.

How can the Electricity Bill Calculator BD assist me?

Ans: The Electricity Bill Calculator BD is a tool that estimates your electricity bill based on factors like tariff rates and consumed units. It provides you with an approximate amount to anticipate for your upcoming bill.

How can I manage my electricity expenses efficiently?

Ans: To manage electricity expenses efficiently, monitor your energy consumption, adopt energy-saving practices, and utilize tools like the Electricity Bill Calculator BD to estimate and plan your bills.

Can I reduce my electricity bill?

Ans: Yes, you can reduce your electricity bill by adopting energy-efficient habits, unplugging devices when not in use, using energy-efficient appliances, and being mindful of your usage patterns.

Do electricity tariff rates change frequently?

Ans: Tariff rates can change due to government policies, fuel price fluctuations, and other factors. It’s advisable to stay updated with your service provider’s notifications.

Where can I find my electricity tariff rates?

Ans: You can usually find your electricity tariff rates on your provider’s official website, bill statements, or by contacting their customer service.


This is the full process of Electric Bill Calculation. This content is designed to offer a comprehensive understanding of the electricity bill calculation process in Bangladesh.

It will delve into key components such as electricity tariff rates, the quantification of consumed units, and supplementary charges.

Additionally, the content will shed light on the multifaceted factors that impact electricity consumption. Moreover, it will present strategies to curtail energy usage effectively, ultimately leading to the reduction of electricity bills.

Electric Bill Calculation Bangladesh 2024

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