Student Unique ID Form PDF Download & Fill Up Full Process 2024

Filling out the Student Unique ID Form is of utmost importance for every student in the current educational landscape. The Unique ID serves as an individualized serial number for each student.

Students in the sixth and seventh grades will be assessed using this UID Number as part of the new education curriculum.

The process of obtaining a Unique ID is mandatory for all students, and it plays a vital role in assigning a distinct serial number to each student.

Student Unique ID Form

The Student Unique ID, commonly referred to as UID, is a one-of-a-kind identification number assigned to each student. This UID functions as a unique serial number that sets apart every student within an educational institution.

In recent years, the Student Unique ID has gained significant importance, especially for students, as it plays a pivotal role in the evaluation process outlined in the new education curriculum.

Is Filling Out the Student Unique ID Form Mandatory?

Yes, for students, filling out the Unique ID Form is mandatory. This Unique ID serves as the basis for assessing each student using their student serial number.

This method has become a standardized procedure, greatly enhancing the significance of every student’s data. Consequently, the current education system has mandated that every educational institution complete this compulsory Unique ID Form.

As a result, all institutions, particularly high schools and primary schools, are required to generate Unique IDs for their students. In the academic year 2023, the directive extends to various colleges as well.

How to Fill Up the Student Unique ID Form

The rules and guidelines for filling out the Unique ID form may vary from one institution or organization to another, often determined by specific requirements. Nonetheless, there are some common rules to follow when completing a Unique ID form:

  • Complete all sections of the form, providing information such as name, address, date of birth, gender, mobile number, and email address.
  • Ensure the accuracy of the provided information. Pay close attention to details to avoid errors, especially in names, addresses, and birthdates.
  • If necessary, attach the required documents. Commonly, you may need to include documents like ID proofs, address proofs, birth certificates, etc., when submitting the online forms.
  • Be prepared for any potential examinations or verifications that may be necessary to validate the accuracy of the information provided in the Unique ID form.

BANBEIS Gov BD Student Unique ID PDF Download

You do not go to any online service center to get the student unique ID. You can download it here easily.

To download the Student Unique ID, follow the pdf address below. So, enter the address and download the Studnet Unique ID pdf form.

Student Unqique ID PDF Download

Student Unique ID Form Filling Process

Before filling out the Unique ID Form, log in to the CRVS (Civil Registration and Vital Statistics) website using your admin ID, and then create the necessary user account.

From the admin account, you will need to enter information for the class teacher and the headteacher of the school first. This step ensures that you won’t have to repeatedly enter this information when filling out Unique IDs for students.

The CRVS (Civil Registration and Vital Statistics) website allows you to complete the Unique ID form using either a user account or an admin account. Let’s now go through the steps for filling out the Unique ID Form:

Student Information: Provide details such as the student’s name, date of birth, father’s name, mother’s name, nationality, school name, etc., in the form.

Student Unique ID Form

  • Address Details: Fill in the student’s current address, permanent address (if available), and contact phone number for communication.
  • Student Information: Fill out the information for students in Section K of the student information form. First, enter the names of the students in Bengali and then in English.
  • Upload Photo: Scan and upload photos of the students. Resize the scanned images according to the specified size in the form, which should be 300×300 pixels. Ensure that you upload only JPG or PNG images with a maximum size of 120kb.
  • Verification using Birth Registration Number: To expedite the process, consider entering the student’s birth registration number and verifying it. The birth registration number will be verified immediately along with the names, eliminating the need for manual entry.
  • Provide Student’s Information: Enter the student’s date of birth, place of birth, and other relevant details. After completing the student’s information, proceed to enter the information of the student’s parent.
  • Mother’s or Father’s Information (According to NID): To complete the information of the student’s parent (mother or father), provide the respective NID number and date of birth.
  • Current Address / Permanent Address (As per NID): For the current address, enter it according to the permanent address of the student’s father or mother. Ensure that the address provided in the NID matches the one entered.

BANBEIS Gov BD Student Unique ID PDF Download

Filling out the Unique ID form accurately is crucial because this Unique ID will serve as the student’s serial number.

Teachers who are responsible for filling out the Unique ID form are urged to do so with utmost care. Incorrect information should be avoided as it could lead to issues for the student in the future.

  • Student’s Academic Information: On the third page of the Unique ID form, provide information related to the student’s current educational status.
  • Educational Qualifications: Provide information about your highest educational qualifications, including the passing year and the institution’s name.
  • Attached Documents: When completing the Unique ID form, ensure that you submit the necessary documents, such as birth certificates, passports, ID card copies, etc., for your identification.
  • Extracurricular Activities and Special Categories: Students should provide information about extracurricular activities, participation in various events, achievements, awards, and certificates related to hobbies, etc.

BANBEIS Gov BD Student Unique ID PDF Download

Information regarding special categories of students, such as working students, children of landless parents, offspring/nephews of freedom fighters, orphans, etc., should be filled in based on the relevant information.

  • Completion and Submission: Fill in the student’s signature date, teacher’s signature date, mobile number, principal’s certification, etc. After entering all this information, deposit it to your school with the required documents (If needed).

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Student Unique ID Form – FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about Student Unique ID Form for additional information.

Is filling out the Student Unique ID Form mandatory for all students?

Yes, filling out the Unique ID Form is mandatory, especially for students. This Unique ID is used to assess and identify students using their individual serial numbers.

Why is the Student Unique ID Form important?

The Unique ID Form is crucial as it assigns a unique serial number to each student, which is essential for various purposes, including educational evaluations and records.

Can the Unique ID Form be filled out using both user and admin accounts on the CRVS website?

Yes, you can fill out the Unique ID Form using either a user account or an admin account on the CRVS website, depending on your role and access.

What information is required in the Unique ID Form?

The form requires various details, including student information, address, photos, birth registration numbers, parent information, academic details, educational qualifications, the purpose of the application, and attached documents.

How should I ensure the accuracy of the information provided in the form?

To ensure accuracy, double-check all details, avoid spelling errors, and verify information using birth registration numbers and NID (National ID) numbers, where applicable.

What should I do if a parent is deceased?

If a parent is deceased, use their NID number in the form and mention the date of death for the deceased parent.

Can you provide some tips for completing the Unique ID Form?

Be thorough and accurate when filling out each section. Follow the guidelines provided by your educational institution. Ensure that documents are correctly scanned and uploaded. Verify all information before submission.


Filling out the Student Unique ID Form is a crucial step in the academic journey of students, particularly those in the 2022 and 2023 academic years.

This Unique ID serves as a vital serial number for each student, aiding in educational assessments and records. To know more about it, please visit the Bangladesh Education Information Board.

Student Unique ID Form PDF Download & Fill Up Full Process 2024

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